Organic Cosmetics

Organic vs Natural !!!

“Natural” “Organic” sound same? But do you know there is a big difference. The term “Natural” is not regulated so anyone can use it. Read and find out more

We all have seen products including food and cosmetics in our case are labeled with various eye-catching terms especially “Natural”. Did you know that there is no terms and conditions or even regulations to monitor the term “Natural”?  Yes, you read it right, there is no regulation on the term “Natural” any company can market their products as “Natural” or “All-Natural” if they have a small portion or natural ingredients or ecofriendly process flow with tons of toxic chemicals.

However, “Certified organic” is a claim that’s heavily regulated by the USDA. To qualify, a product’s ingredients must contain absolutely no toxic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides, or chemical NPK fertilizers—and, in the case of animal products, no antibiotics or growth hormones. Also, the term “Organic” signifies that it contains 95% or more natural ingredients with zero harmful ingredients and “100% Organic” means that everything in the package is natural. “Made with Organic Ingredients” means the product must contain at least 70% per cent organically produced ingredients.

So yes, there is a big difference between these two terms.

How to Know if a Product is Safe or Not

Best way to know for sure is ignore the colour or the design of the package green package or leaves and fruits doesn’t mean its safe but there is a safe way of knowing by checking the ingredients list.

Any consumer product company must list all their ingredients in the package along with the content by weight and percentage so by reading this we can know if the product is safe or harmful.

However, there is a catch even though it is printed, manufacturer may try to mislead you by wrapping the ingredients with scientific names or playing with the numbers, so take a moment and go through each ingredient and do a little research and know what you are doing to use. After all the product you apply is going to get into your body so take a moment to make sure it is safe.

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