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10 Beauty Hacks with Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut is Mother Nature’s sweetest tropical fruit. It has various uses like its flesh is abundant with protein, its milk is light, refreshing, and has low sugar level, and its husk is burnt to repel mosquitoes. The most useful ingredient inside a coconut is its oil. Coconut oil is not only in-taken to increase energy levels and get a stronger metabolism but is also used in multiple hair care and skin care routines.

Here are 10 beauty hacks using Organic Coconut Oil, which will make your life simpler!

1. Hair oil

Daily grooming practices like washing, brushing, styling, and shampooing your hair can cause damage to your hair and leave it looking frizzy, broken, and dry. Coconut Oil is the best hair oil, and even our mothers and grandmothers can agree on this fact.
Give yourself a nice good champi with warm Coconut Oil, at least an hour before you wash your hair to keep them moisturized and reduce hair breakage and frizz.

2. Makeup remover

Finding a good makeup remover that suits your skin and cleans your pores too, is very difficult to find. But your search ends here; Coconut Oil can work as a great makeup remover. It even breaks down the stubborn waterproof makeup very easily.
Take a good scoop of Coconut Oil, warm it up between your palms. Then just apply and massage on your face for 4-5 minutes, then remove the Coconut Oil using a cotton pad. Then double cleanse your face by simply washing your face with a gentle face wash.

3. Shaving

Since we all are in lockdown, most of us have adopted to shave our body, instead of going to a salon to get waxed. But dry shaving our legs can cause cuts and might even irritate our skin and shaving creams are full of chemicals which too, can irritate our skin. Coconut Oil can work as a great lubricant to give you that smooth surface to shave. Just apply a good amount of coconut oil to your body, before you shave.

4. Moisturizer

Coconut Oil contains nourishing fatty acids that help to hydrate and protect your skin. These include vitamin F, which helps the skin to retain moisture, and Lauric acid which has anti-bacterial properties.

Once a week you can massage some Organic Coconut Oil on your face and body, and keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a gentle face wash or body wash. This will give all extra moisture your skin will need for the next whole week.

5. Lip balm

The skin on our lips is more sensitive, compared to the rest of our faces. Our lips crack or become flaky with the slightest inconvenience. Especially in winters, our lips become really dry, and sometimes no amount of lip balm can cure them. In those times, take a little amount of Coconut Oil and gently apply it on your lips, before you go to bed. In the morning, you will notice that your lips have started healing and have become softer than how they were.

6. DIY facemask

We all love making some DIY face masks for our skin, with ingredients like Haldi, Ubtan, Multani Mitti, etc. As much as we love to make a simple homemade facemask with these ingredients, these face masks can also become very drying for your skin. Always mix 3-4 drops of Coconut Oil in a face mask, so that only the excess oil from your skin is absorbed and not all of it. Coconut oil will also help in reducing any sort of irritation these ingredients may cause to your skin.

7. Lip scrub

Exfoliating with lip scrub is good for softening and smoothing lips before you apply lipstick or in general to remove all the flaky or peeling skin on your lips and make them soft.
The simplest lip scrub you can make at your home, using just 2 ingredients is Coconut Oil and Sugar. Take 1tbsp of Coconut Oil with ¼ tbsp of sugar and mix them well. Then just gently scrub your lips with this mixture, for 5-10 minutes. Sugar will remove all the flaky skin on the top layer of your lips and Coconut Oil will provide instant moisture to the now-top-most skin of your lips.

8. Natural highlighter

Yes, you read it right. Coconut Oil can work as a highlighter too. You ask how? Apply Coconut Oil on the highest points of your face, wherein you would generally apply your highlighter. And then your apply foundation over it. You will notice that the points where you have applied the coconut oil will have a natural shine to them, as Coconut Oil brings out your skin’s natural pigments and reflect light.

9. Eye cream

How many eye creams have you bought thinking that this time or this eye cream will work for you? And it still did not. Expensive or cheap, no eye cream can work better than coconut oil for your wrinkles or under-eye bags. Coconut Oil has anti-oxidant properties that heal, nourish, and enhance your natural beauty. It has been proven that coconut-oil reduces the appearance of line lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Just apply Coconut Oil to your under-eye area, every night before you sleep and you will slowly start seeing the difference.

10. Brush cleaner

Similar to how Coconut Oil can remove makeup from your face; it can also help in double cleansing your makeup brushes. First, apply Coconut Oil on your brushes and then gently massage it against your palm to break the makeup stuck on it. Then to double cleanse, use any soap along with water, to rinse the brushes. The oil with break down the makeup and the oil molecules will attach themselves to the makeup and dirt stuck on the brush. And the soap will remove that oil and dirt from the brushes. One additional benefit you will get is that all the bacteria will also be killed and remove, as Organic Coconut Oil contains anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria and fungi.

Organic Coconut Oil is nothing short of divine; it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties that heal, nourish, and enhance your natural beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a 100% organic, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil from Organic Harvest.


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