Organic Cosmetics

What are Organic Cosmetics???

Will you be even surprised to know that organic beauty products are the fastest growing section in the beauty industry? I bet you didn’t!!!

As much as people are very considerate on consuming organic products, the turn has taken over organic cosmetics too.

What is this Organic cosmetics really is? Doesn’t your mind make you think so! It’s is the formulation of cosmetic products using organically farm grown ingredients without any addition of chemicals. Consists of plant derived ingredients such as flowers, herbs, essential oils, roots etc.. There’s no place for pesticides.

We are what we eat, so is our skin. It absorbs everything we layer it with and that’s the reason we have to be more conscious of what we use.

Paying more attention and doing a bit of research on finding the right organic product before purchase is a wise act to be done.

To find it out: check on the labels for the ingredients

All ingredients must be organically grown, prepared, packed and sold from the same farm.

And definitely certified!!

Since you have an idea of what really organic cosmetics means it’s easier to make the right choice and recognize the variations make the right choice.

The word “Natural” is not regulated thus any manufacturer can market their product as natural if they are using a small amount of natural ingredients even 1% regardless of other practices such as farm quality and safety, testing methods or even other ingredients. However the term “Organic” is heavily regulated with minimum of 95% of fresh ingredients and regulated farm conditions and other process flows.

Eco friendly beauty as good as it sounds, It’s the best for you and this globe!

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