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Covid19 Stay Positive

It’s not about fashion, it’s not about food nor beauty.

All we hear all day around the world has been about covid-19 also known as Corona virus or initially known as Whuhan virus, it’s an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus spreading all around the world.

This virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Even though transmission rate is very high it is not serious for many individuals. However, when the number of infected people increased and local medical capacity is overfilled, doctors cannot save even an easily treatable patient or patients with other medical conditions due to the restrictions in workforce

So our focus should be not to get infected and stay away from hospitals so people with serious conditions will be able to get treated.

We all know what we should and shouldn’t do but as a reminder apart from the usual hand washing and social distancing

  • Avoid going out so people who need to go can have a space
  • Keep in touch with everyone around you electronically to keep them and you occupied
  • Try something new like read a book, watch some movies, stitching, learn a new skill, mediation, yoga, exercising and so many good things to go. Keep in touch with our blog to know about new skills
  • Have healthy meals and keep your immunity strong

It is very important at this pandemic situation to stay mentally strong as same as physically because when you are mentally weak your food habits and immune system will start getting weaker, so let’s keep occupied. If you are feeling stressed talk to someone who will make you feel better (not someone who will make you more scarier) because one day this all will be over and we will get back to our usual routines and we might miss our free time.

So as everyone says “Stay Strong!!! Stay Indoors!!! Stay Clean !!! and let’s flatten the Curve !!!”

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