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Understanding Body Butter and their Benefits

What is a Body Butter, you ask? And how is it different from a regular lotion or cream? Well, a Body Butter is thicker than a lotion and a cream. It has a consistency, similar to the butter we eat, hence the name. Since Body Butter is thicker, they stay on top of your skin for a longer period, which helps reduce the loss of moisture. You can apply body butter or a pre-damped skin or directly to your dry skin, depending on your skin type. Dry skin people should apply on pre-damped skin and dry skin people should apply on dry skin.

Body Butters are typically manufactured using a combination of carrier oils and essential butter and do not typically contain water. Hence, Body Butters have the strongest scent and last longer than body lotion and cream. You should always choose a body butter, whose scent suits you the most. One such universally accepted scent is of coffee and honey. Organic harvest has launched two body butter in these amazing scents.

Organic Body Butter with Honey and Milk

If you have body acne like most of us, this body butter will be your best friend. It contains honey which has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and it helps you balance the bacteria which cause body acne. Since honey also has healing properties, so if used regularly, this body butter might also help you fade away your acne scars. Organic Body Butter with Honey and Milk is unrefined and raw body butter. It heals repairs and protects skin by delivering ultra-rich moisturization. The raw texture of this Body Butter just melts into the skin for decadent and silky hydration. The best part is that this has a non-greasy feel.

Organic Body Butter with Coffee

Coffee is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants that can provide a ton of benefits to our skin, like treating acne, increasing blood flow, and balance the pH levels of our skin. If you have cellulite and you want to reduce them, Organic Body Butter with Coffee can be your savior, as studies have shown, that coffee can reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. This Body Butter is also unrefined and raw body butter. It too has a non-greasy formula, which protects your skin by delivering moisture for up to 12 hours. This organic body butter can be applied to both face and body, by both men and women.

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