Organic Cosmetics

Health Risks of Unsafe Products

The products and cosmetics that you apply on skin or specially on your face goes beyond where you can see. Skin as other organs is the largest organ of your body. It is living breathing and you must take care of it by giving what it need (not what we want).

When we apply a product lets call it a cream. Outer layer of the skin will start to react to chemicals. In many cases products we apply can end up interacting with chemical and hormonal processes taking place inside of our bodies.

A study published through the US National Library of Medicine determined that a family of chemical compounds used to give conventional cosmetics a plastic and flexible texture. These chemicals remains in fat tissue for long periods of time after exposure. and more alarmingly still, is connected to high estrogen levels present within in vitro fetuses.

Other adverse health effects explored in the study include the possible disturbance of the development and function of reproductive organs as well as disruption to hormonal balance. These are all health risks that you inadvertently expose yourself to when you apply cosmetics containing these chemicals

so, it’s best to think twice, we should read ingredient labels, and steer clear of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. It is very important to know what you are consuming. Before consuming a product for the first time make sure to go through each ingredient. Research what the use of it. here is a list of quick start guide of 19 chemicals you must avoid and why. Stay tuned with us for more articles on this subject.

What to do when you feel discomfort

If you feel like your skin changed or changing immediately stop using the product and wash your skin neatly. If you feel uncomfortable rush to a dermatologist with the product along with the package.

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