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Welcome to Oman

The sultanate of Oman located at the eastern point of the Arabian peninsula with its rich architecture, customs and traditions crafted over the centuries stand unique. You will discover the blend of ancient and modern culture.

A strong sense of belonging- to nation and family is something that Omanis prize very highly. It reflects in their attire, traditions and customs. extending respect and hospitality to those around.

Under the influence of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Oman has become a modern peaceful Sultanate. Culture is built around Islam and profound respect for human relationships.

It is common for Omanis to welcome strangers into their homes for some coffee and dates; generosity is seen around.

The national dress of Omanis is the norm and appropriate greetings are essential.


like frankincense is the perfume of Kong’s here. It’s been used for centuries to scent rooms, furnishings and clothing. You will definitely catch wafts of it wherever you go. It’s the resin of a tree, the Boswellia scara, found in many middle eastern and African countries; it looks crystalline. Trees which grown wild near salalah in southern Dhofar produces the best frankincense in the world.

Omani frankincense makes a delightful souvenir. The paler and larger the chunks, the better the quality.


The Jebel Akhdar highlands, have a Mediterranean style climate that is perfect for growing sweet scented roses. They burst into bloom in April and May. The petals are plucked by when the boiled and produced a vapor which condensed into the finest rose water. This is an essential ingredient for the traditional Omani Halwa.

Bakhoor, a blend of oil soaked wooden chips and natural ingredients such as sandalwood and Attar. Each specialist has their own secret recipe. Gently burn it over a charcoal and there goes the whole surrounding smelling too good.

Omani craftsmen work with silver, copper, wood, textiles, leather and clay. Their khanjars, the curved daggers which are a national symbol have intricate silver scabbards and deer horn hilts. You could see beautiful pieces in Mutrah and Nizwa souqs with plenty of silver jewelry.

Forts, castles and towers- with hundreds of fortresses; the oldest were built in the 13th century.

Omani Architecture are at there grandest standing with its uniqueness can be seen in Muscat or Salalah And in rural oases to explore traditional mud brick villages.

Souqs – In towns like Mutrah, Nizwa, Rustaq and Salalah trading is a way of life. Exploring the souqs, their stalls stacked with incense, spices and antiques is a worth it experience.

Mosques- the soulful call to prayer is an essential part of the Omani soundscape. Muscat’s magnificent center piece Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque filled with intricate architecture is breathtaking. It is open to all except during Friday prayers.

With pristine beaches, magnificent desserts, rugged mountains and a history the sultanate of Oman will refresh, engage and inspire you!

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